Men of the Church Meeting

April 30th, 2016




The Men of the Church really did not meet during the month of April as we decided to schedule and participate in the annual Spring clean-up of the church grounds. We try to have this event every year so that we can get the flower beds ready for the growing season before the weeds take off and overwhelm the beds. We also try to remove winter debris from the grassy areas so that they are ready for the grass mowing season. For a variety of reasons, mainly an unusual stretch of warm weather in March, we were a little late this year as the weeds were already firmly established in the flower beds and the grassy areas had already been mowed. We still had a time of great fellowship with PALS Church members working right alongside our new church brothers and sisters from the Church of the Faith (Iglesia de la Fe). We trimmed shrubs, pulled weeds, spread mulch, and shared hot beverages and pastries. All in all it was a good day and a good time in God’s service.


This week as while I was pondering the untimely death of a neighbor,

the Holy Spirit provided the following Portals of Prayer devotional message

that I would like to share with all of you:


Mom’s Favorite Cake Recipe

George T. Zoebl


Focus Verse:

New Testament Gospel (God’s Story) according to Luke, Chapter 18, Verse 14

For everyone who makes himself great will be humbled,

and everyone who humbles himself will be made great.


“This blank page of the memorial brochure,” intoned the funeral director to my sister and me, “is for you to put whatever you want

--- a prayer, a psalm, a poem, whatever.” We chose my mother’s favorite cake recipe. Here it is:


1.    Buy prepackaged cake mix at store.

2.    Follow the directions.

3.    Enjoy the wonderful cake you just baked.

4.    Feel free to share this recipe with others.


Jesus in the text conveys that “making ourselves great”, meaning depending upon our own good works for salvation, is a recipe for disaster. The tax collector just lets God be God. Without the fanfare of a list of good works, he announces his unworthiness as a sinner.

Only God can make salvation possible. God’s salvation is a prepackaged salvation that needs no assistance from us. Salvation is all God’s doing, and thank God it is, or else, like everything else, we would mess it up.


So let us go over those four steps again:


1.    Jesus buys us at the cross.

2.    We follow His directions for this “all put together in one box” salvation.

3.    We truly enjoy this wonderful life as a Christ follower.

4.    We do indeed share this recipe for salvation with others.


The only “blank page” on our spiritual funeral brochure will be a listing of our sins.


Dear Jesus,

Make me a humble servant.


          Be merciful to me, a sinner.



If you would like to participate in any way in the Men’s Breakfast ministry or can lend some support to any of the proposed projects, please contact

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